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  1. Punjabi Lessons - Learn to write/speak Punjabi (0/986) / 0
    Punjabi alphabet, Punjabi Basic Writing and Words, Punjabi vocabulary, Punjabi grammar. [A broken link]

  2. 5abi - Gyan Ratan - Punjabi Lessons (0/872) / 0
    Six Punjabi Lessons. The Gurmukhi Alphabet. The Punjabi Sound System. The Vowels. The Basic Greetings. Punjabi sentence word order. Traditional and Diaspora Punjabi. Understanding the Accents. [A broken link]

  3. Punjabiteacher.com (0/868) / 0
    Living in a country with English as a native language whilst being raised in a culture rich in Punjabi language and tradition, we understand the needs of children and parents who want to preserve their heritage through the unique experience of learning their ancestral language. Encourage your child’s interest in Punjabi and in other cultures. Show your children that you value their ability to speak Punjabi. [A broken link]

  4. How to Learn Punjabi (0/827) / 0
    The How to Learn Punjabi course is a step by step guide in learning Punjabi. It is comprised of seven lessons which are designed specifically for English speaking people. This course approaches the Punjabi language from the standpoint of an English speaking background. As a result, the main focus of the course is word order. Word order, or syntax, is the arrangement of words in a sentence. [A broken link]

  5. Free Punjabi audio files (0/792) / 0
    Audio lessons are a very important factor in learning Punjabi because they help you hear how words are pronounced and also provide you with an extra means of learning other than reading. [A broken link]

  6. Online Punjabi Learning program (0/790) / 0
    Online Punjabi Learning program is designed to provide children around the world with high quality e-learning Punjabi that facilitates their development of communication skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing Punjabi. The aim of this website is to promote Punjabi Language and culture to strengthen social ties with communities around the world. The program consists of three different levels (i.e. beginners, intermediate and advanced). These will be uploaded from time to time. [A broken link]

  7. Advanced Center for Technical Development of Punjabi Language, Literature & Culture, Punjabi University, Patiala (0/779) / 0
    Punjabi is spoken in mainly three areas of the world; in East Punjab (India) where it is a state language, in West Punjab (Pakistan) where it is most widely spoken and in the diaspora, particularly Britain, North America, East Africa and Australia [A broken link]

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