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  1. Improve your English Free (0/2819) / 0
    Read, write, hear and speak English. Get ready for TOEFL examination. [A broken link]

  2. Free English Lessons, Resources, Advice (0/2748) / 0
    Learn English Free - online lessons, resources and advice for learners and teachers of English as a second language and English as a foreign language. [A broken link]

  3. Learn English free online (0/2393) / 0
    Learn Languages free and online with Vocabulix Improve your vocabulary skills in various foreign languages, online and free! Vocabulix helps you memorize words in foreign languages. [A broken link]

  4. Ingyen Angol (0/1623) / 0
    Learn English online - Free explanations, tests, vocabulary, teaching materials on English as a foreign language. Grammar Categories. Adjectives; Adverbs; Determiners; Direct and Indirect Speech... For Native Hungarians. [A broken link]

  5. Improve your English Free (0/1533) / 0
    Read, write, hear and speak English. Get ready for TOEFL examination. [A broken link]

  6. Learn English Free (0/1485) / 0
    Good free English course with detailed explanations on grammar. [A broken link]

  7. freelanguage (2/1308) / 0
    English Course [A broken link]

  8. Internet Polyglot (0/1251) / 0
    Internet Polyglot is dedicated to helping our members learn foreign languages by providing them a way to memorize words and their meanings. This helps your memory to grasp more information and retain it for longer time. Internet Polyglot is designed to help you learn the foreign language of your choice. You can learn Spanish, French, Chinese or English even if English is your mother tongue and become a true polyglot. When you create your lessons you specify the languages that you want for your words and translations. For example, if you learn Spanish you may want to create lessons with Spanish as the word language and English as the translation language. When you want to learn English and your native language is Spanish you will want to create lessons with English as the word language and Spanish as the translation language. And when you are a native English speaker but want to improve your vocabulary, create lessons with English as the word and translation languages. Learning English is a lifetime process and one should not neglect it. Access to all pages is free. [A broken link]

  9. English Pictorial Grammar (0/1216) / 0
    A site which should include a complete and comprehensive explanation of English grammar from the primary stage to the advance stage, step by step with definitions. [A broken link]

  10. Parlo - free English courses online (0/1190) / 0
    In-depth courses help you master a deeper knowledge of language. Get ahead in your career. Enhance your academic studies. Travel the globe. Parlo helps you learn English, French, Spanish and other languages with free online courses, music, a magazine, flash cards, chat rooms, message boards and more! [A broken link]

  11. ILE school (0/894) / 0
    Absolutely new system that guarantee you practical lessons of English with PROFESSIONAL teachers from the United States, England and Australia. You can get these lessons EVERYWHERE in the world, all you need is a computer and the internet. The price is much lower than the usual course, and finally we offer something that nobody offered before. We offer a 100% GUARANTEE that you will fluently speak English in 3(!!!) months. On our lessons we are aimed only on three targets ľ practice, practice, practice. Each lesson has: Ľa native-speaking teacher Ľa Russian-speaking assistant Ľstudents For our online courses you need Ľa computer; Ľa microphone and speakers Ľan internet connection Lessons are given in groups of 2-8 people, or individually. Materials for each lesson are given out beforehand [A broken link]

  12. Pages in English (0/769) / 0
    A free website that teaches you English and gives practice in - English grammar, English pronunciation, tests, exercises. Completely free. Don't be put off by our website name; we have over 100 pages in English and many international visitors. [A broken link]

  13. Business English (0/682) / 0
    Linguarama is one of Europe's largest business language training organisations. We provide training in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and all world languages. Our language courses are designed to be focused and effective. We have over 20 centres in Europe, over 1,000 clients worldwide. [A broken link]

  14. Linguarama (0/627) / 0
    Effective Training in Business Languages and Culture for Professionals This language school also provide free English learning resources in the e-learning section. [A broken link]

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